What is Black Seed Honey?

Our pure Black Seed Honey is in that our bees collect nectar from the Black Seed plant and produce this honey with its natural healing benefits inside their bodies. You won't mix the black seeds into the honey; it's honey from the flower of black seeds! The process creates a combination of useful bee metabolites and Black Seed's medicinal properties. As a bonus, the end product is surprisingly delicious, raw honey without the bitterness common in plain honey just infused with the seeds. Because of the inclusion of fructose instead of the typical glucose and sucrose, a significant number of people find it much more enjoyable to eat than regular honey. With no preservatives or additives, it's jam-packed with essential minerals, enzymes, and other nutritional benefits found in raw black seed plants.

What are the Health Benefits of Black Seed Honey?

One of the health benefits of black seed honey is that it can help to soothe sore throats and ease congestion. Black seed honey has antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation and can strengthen your immune system's resistance to infection. These benefits, combined with the natural healing capabilities of honey and its anti-carcinogenic properties make black seed honey a good addition to your diet for cancer prevention. Black seed honey contains natural sugar, helps regulate blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels, and balances blood sugar to help fight diabetes.

How To Use Black Seed Honey For Yourself

In general, blackseed honey is a good remedy for all sorts of coughs and colds, whether it's chronic or not. It is said that just a spoonful of it each morning can ease symptoms such as inflammation in the throat. Ursolic acid is a component of this medication that can also function as an anti-inflammatory agent. Not only do honey's antibacterial properties help to treat respiratory illnesses, but if taken at bedtime, just two teaspoons can help you reduce a cough or a cold. If you have a chronic cough, one teaspoon before each meal is recommended.

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