Mujeza Al Shifa Korean Red Ginseng, Royal Jelly & Nuts Natural Mountain Sidr Liquid Organic Raw Honey

$ 45 CAD

The Plain Mountain Sidr Honey (Kashmiri) infused with Korean Red Ginseng, Royal Jelly and Nuts is a perfect mixture made from very exotic ingredients!

Slightly sharp and nutty organic honey!  

100% ORGANIC AND UNFILTERED HONEY: The plain mountain sidr mujeza honey (Kashmiri) infused with Korean red ginseng, royal jelly and nuts is a perfect mixture made from very exotic ingredients. Ramadan diet manuka honey is deliciously decadent with butterscotch in Ramadan

SUBSTITUTION AND CONVERSION: The monofloral pure honey collected from the sidr flower has a wonderful nutty flavor that is unmatched. This is also used as a sugar alternative in place of refined sugar to sweeten beverages, cereal, and desserts. Taking honey in Ramadan for Suhoor is a good way to sustain one fast throughout the day.

CERTIFIABLE HIGH QUALITY: We believe in the quality you can taste. Our sustainably sourced mountain sidr honey, 100% pure, raw and unfiltered organic honey for men and women positively impacts beekeeping communities, resulting in the highest quality, and rich, full-flavored honey and benefits your general health and well-being. For healthy Ramadan don't skip Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) As the saying goes, 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY MEAL: The best part is that honey is healthy where sugar is not. If you need a pick-me-up or your sweet tooth is calling, this thick and creamy raw manuka honey will come to your rescue. Great for baking, fruit, oatmeal, tea, coffee, smoothies, and much more. The best food idea is in healthy Ramadan to eat honey with Suhoor.

100% SATISFACTION: From harvesting by hand to raw processing, we keep the pure nutrients and antioxidants intact, with no harm to bees or their hives. Manuka honey organic liquid is packed in jars that are bpa free and 100% recyclable.

This Mountain Sidr Honey is a Non-GMO pure honey for men and women with no additives. The Korean Ginseng in this raw honey sex enhancer benefits the male and female reproductive systems and acts as a libido enhancer. A honey for sex is a flexible super food with extensive uses. The powerful activity in each jar of our Mountain Sidr Honey makes it perfect in drinks and smoothies, food & baking and more. This pure raw honey organic liquid is not only organic and Non-GMO, but it is also sustainable. It is sourced from beekeepers who can meet our high standards for providing pure honey.

Mountain Sidr honey is wonderful honey for men and women because of its exquisite taste and its health benefits as natural medicine. Sidr honey is made from bees who only feed on the nectar of the Sidr tree which has been historically sacred and has been used frequently in the field of medicine and health in various ways. Our natural raw organic honey jars comes from such a place no GMO’s, no pollution, and no need for preservatives. If your honey becomes solid or crunchy, it means that this natural honey is 100% raw and pure.

Specification and Features:

  1. Insanely flavorful
  2. Super food for healthy lifestyles
  3. Uncooked, unpasteurized and unaltered.
  4. Raw honey organic unfiltered jars are 100% pure
  5. Maintains natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids, propolis, vitamins, minerals, texture, flavor, and color

Mountain Sidr organic manuka honey is one of the finest and most famous honeys in the world with its distinctive Sidr aroma and dark color. Manuka honey raw liquid has a cohesive texture and has a moderately sweet taste. This delicious raw unfiltered honey delight is considered to be a luxury and its experience is said to be rich and unforgettable. People who have tried Sidr honey are said to be “enchanted” by the taste. As a manuka honey organic raw liquid, unadulterated, and unpasteurized honey, Sidr has amazing flavors and is unparalleled in nutritional value. The first lick of the honey organic liquid is enough to make your taste buds ask for more as they wouldn’t have experienced such a taste before.

We are grateful to announce our participation and being a Gold Winner of the London Honey Awards 2021!

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Other Variations:

Try It With Green Propolis!

We guarrantee this quality! Receive $4,000 for any lab tested results that show quality degradation.

Not all Ginsengs are the same, especially when it comes to theKorean Red Ginseng. A potent root plant, King of the Herbs as it is widely known, it has been used for centuries in Korean and Chinese naturopathy. 


Royal Jelly is a food substance made by bees for their Queen Bee. Did know that she outlives the worker bees by a maximum of 11 times! That depends on her nutrition which is the royal jelly and her ability to lay eggs!


Its a tree that grows mostly in Yemen and Pakistan. During the month of October it blossoms with flowers for only 3 weeks. That is when beekeepers rush to harvest the honey which takes up so much effort and high costs. Like Manuka, it is a monofloral honey. This means once the bees feed off this type of flower, they will reject any other type of flower. This makes the honey unique and potent in every way.

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