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Mujeza Honey

Tea - Green Tea Premium (130g)

Tea - Green Tea Premium (130g)

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A Symphony of Vietnamese Aroma and Purity

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  • Overview

    Experience the luxury of Mujeza Premium Green Tea, where every full leaf unfurls to create a serene, aromatic infusion. Unlike ordinary green teas, ours offers a beautiful visual spectacle as the leaves elegantly spread in warm water, releasing a potent, pure essence that captures the tranquility of Vietnam's tea culture.

  • Ingredients & Health Benefits

    Hand-picked from the lush landscapes of Vietnam, our Premium Green Tea is a testament to the nourishing soul of its origin. This all-natural, no additive tea is of unparalleled quality in its category. Each leaf is carefully grown, selected, and dried to preserve its raw, wholesome goodness.

    Health benefits include:

    • Promotes relaxation and a state of calm serenity
    • Celebrated for its high antioxidant content
    • Supports weight management and mental alertness
    • Known for its potential to reduce stress and improve heart health
  • How to use

    Be sure to brew at the ideal temperature of 175-180 degrees for the most flavorful results. Add a touch of our ginger honey to elevate your tea experience with a hint of spice. Savor the luxury of our premium tea.

  • Additional Notes

    Mujeza invites tea connoisseurs and novices alike to revel in our Premium Green Tea, a brew that embodies pure indulgence and tranquility. With its rich aroma and significant health benefits, make this esteemed Vietnamese delight an essential part of your daily ritual.