Overview, Taste, Benefits, Usage


Emerging from the revered Hadramout region of Yemen, Amir Al Umara Sidr Honey stands triumphant among other Sidr honeys. Wrapped in a rustic wooden case, its taste and therapeutic potency outshine Kashmiri Sidr, Umara Sidr, and even Royal Sidr honey varietals.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Our monofloral jujube wonder brings forth:

  • Nutrient density surpassing other Sidr honeys
  • Pure, raw honey, offering the power to counter MSSA and MRSA skin infections and efficiently treat stomach ulcers

Taste and Texture

Our Yemeni jujube nectar promises a singular epicurean journey:

  • Spreadable and drizzle-friendly consistency
  • A golden honey, teeming with aromatic grandeur from its floral heritage

How to Use in Food

Enhance your gastronomic creations:

  • Amplify Middle Eastern piquancy in your tea as an organic honey sweetener

How to Use for Health

Harness superior potency for wellness:

  • Integrate into your diet for immune fortification and to help soothe stomach ulcers
  • Use as a topical application in the supportive care for MSSA and MRSA skin conditions

Interesting Facts

  • Cultivated from historical Yemen's Hadramout region
  • Radiates the spiritual essence of the Quran and Islamic tradition
  • Analogous to the highly potent Manuka, cited in modern research
  • Silver Award Winner at the eminent International Honey Competition in London