Mountain Sidr Honey (Plain)

$ 35 CAD

Aromatic and Buttery

The Plain Mountain Sidr (Kashmiri) is a brand of its own! This honey satisfies your taste buds with a heavenly taste, literally unlike any other honey in the world as it is very noticeable. That is also because of its' monofloral honey characteristics. 

  • Used for general well-being
  • Flowery and very aromatic
  • Smooth and buttery
  • Rare supply throughout the year (3 weeks of harvest)!

We guarrantee this quality! Receive $4,000 for any lab tested results that show quality degradation.

Its a tree that grows mostly in Yemen and Pakistan. During the month of October it blossoms with flowers for only 3 weeks. That is when beekeepers rush to harvest the honey which takes up so much effort and high costs. Like Manuka, it is a monofloral honey. This means once the bees feed off this type of flower, they will reject any other type of flower. This makes the honey unique and potent in every way.

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