Yemeni Royal Sidr (Douani Valley)

$ 90 CAD

This Yemeni treasure of nature has three times of the intense taste compared to the well known and beloved Mountain Sidr from Pakistan.

One spoon of it drizzles down your throat like thick smooth butter! 

The wonderful floral aroma is compared to no other honey in the WORLD! Your senses will be filled with a taste that is mildly sweet yet aromatic and smooth as butter, and that is why you will know why this is mother nature's best-kept treasure.

Spoil yourself with this exquisite “Jewel of Yemen” and discover why it is a favorite among honey connoisseurs. Gifted with unique healing properties, and a divine taste, it is the richest, most decadent honey you will ever taste.

We guarrantee this quality! Receive $4,000 for any lab tested results that show quality degradation.

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