Overview, Usage, and Benefits


Elevate your post-meal routine with Mujeza Sounf with Propolis, where we redefine the traditional sugar-coated fennel seed. Unlike ordinary sounf, ours pairs the refreshing taste of fennel with the healthful properties of Brazilian propolis, transcending the ordinary into a gourmet oral freshener.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Mujeza turns to nature’s larder, coating our aromatic fennel seeds with honey and Brazilian propolis rather than refined sugar, crafting a mouth freshener that is both delectable and conducive to oral health:

  • Fennel seeds provide a sweet, aromatic flavor known to freshen the mouth after strong meals
  • Honey and propolis not only enhance flavor but contribute to reducing mouth odor, perfect for those with chronic breath concerns

Note: Indulge in Mujeza Sounf with Propolis—the delightful, healthy alternative to conventional breath fresheners. Savor the exceptional taste and reap the aromatic benefits while tackling mouth odor with the added wonders of fennel seeds, honey, and Brazilian propolis.