Mujeza Al Shifa 100% Pure Natural Libido honey & herbs blend Sex Booster 4 Sachets

$ 30 CAD

One sachet of our honey-and-ginseng-based performance boosters contains a unique blend of carefully chosen, all-natural ingredients.

The selection of ingredients is aimed at rejuvenating your bedroom experience, prolonging pleasure, and bringing intimate bliss

100% NATURAL AND ORGANIC: Our natural libido enhancing raw Healthy Ramadan honey organic sachets are naturally made and designed to increase the mood, sensitivity, and blood flow. The selection of ingredients is aimed at rejuvenating your bedroom experience, prolonging pleasure, and bringing intimate bliss

BOOSTS SEXUAL HEALTH: Feel energized, rejuvenated, and excited with mujeza libido organic honey. All around improved sexual health functionality, motivation and desire, which will leave you and your partner fulfilled. Our manuka honey formula has been carefully designed to help heighten intensity for special moments and reduce dryness with regular use.

PERFECTLY DELICIOUS: Mujeza manuka honey organic raw sachets are 100% natural, raw, unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized. Contains absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, or additives. The raw unfiltered honey keeps its natural essence along with all the enzymes, pollen, amino acids, propolis, vitamins, minerals, flavor, and color.

UNIQUE AND PURE: Mujeza’s pure natural libido honey packets sex boosters are unique because we don’t just simply mix our raw honey. This gives our honey a fantastic taste while maintaining all the natural characteristics and benefits. Try all the healthy, natural, and full of goodness Mujeza honey products for a miraculous honey experience.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are confident that you will love our 100% natural and pure libido honey for sex. If you are not satisfied with our Ramadan honey for men and women product, simply contact us directly, we will make right. We promise to do our best to make your issue resolved. 

A potent natural enhancing product for developed by Mujeza’s. Raw organic honey sachets works by supplying the body with powerful herbal ingredients necessary to promote enhanced mood, increased energy, reduced dryness, balanced hormones and sex enhancements for male and females. It’s an excellent source of sustained energy because it has low glycemic carbohydrates. Mujeza wonderful honey sachet is the perfect alternative to refined sugar, so you can feel good about satisfying your sweet tooth. At mujeza, our mission is to rejuvenate and restore your body, mind, and spirit through raw manuka honey sachets.

Benefits of Libido Honey:

  1. No crash
  2. Reduce stress
  3. No synthetic feeling
  4. Long-lived and enjoyed
  5. Improve sexual function
  6. Improve physical performance
  7. Increases motivation and focus
  8. Help support the immune system
  9. Naturally boost energy and vitality
  10. Promotes restful and quality sleep
  11. No side effects which are caused by synthetic ones

Mujeza natural honey sachets carries out bee-keeping in a traditional manner while making sure that there are no chemicals and machinery used in the natural process of extracting honey. The harvesting is done entirely with the help of hands while using smoke to ward off the bees and a hand knife to collect the liquid gold. Our unique manuka honey organic sachets maximize results while being gentle on your stomach. Our honey sex enhancements for females and males sachets improved sleep reduced stress, balance immune system, sexual health, sports performance, supports a healthy mood, and cognitive health.

It is our personal goal to make nutrition straightforward to avoid compromises in maintaining good health by the organic manuka honey. We’ve developed innovations in natural nutrition that focuses on what the modern world needs, yet staying true to the mission of delivering premium alternatives to our customers. We value transparency and credibility, and that’s why carried out dozens of quality tests and analyze to ensure the quality, safety, and purity of our sex honey for women and men. Mujeza has the utmost care and concern for your family’s health and nutritional needs.

 We are grateful to announce our participation and being a Gold Winner of the London Honey Awards 2021!

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We guarrantee this quality! Receive $4,000 for any lab tested results that show quality degradation.
To retain a natural feeling always. We have put together a carefully chosen natural ingredients in the correct ratios to create the most natural booster.

These following criteria are our best recommendations:

  • Must have had a good night's sleep and energetic
  • Must be consumed with a cup of room temp water
  • Take during the morning or early afternoon
  • Take one only, and increase if necessary (after 2 to 3 hours)
  • For Adult use only.
  • Not during pregnancy or breast feeding.
  • Although this is a purely natural product we always recommend that you consult a doctor before you use. 

Since this product is not a synthetic stimulant, it only aids in improving overall performance, stimulation and density and doesn't guarantee it. Only some of the reasons are outlined below but not limited to:

  • Depends on good health
  • Depends on normal activity
  • Depends on sufficient level of physical energy
  • Depends on not being sick
  • Dosage depends on your age
  • Dosage depends on your mass

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