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Everything we provide at Mujeza Al Shifa is 100% raw, unpasteurized and unadulterated. Our brand is our promise in that we care deeply about the purity and natural factor of all of our products.

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Honey Analsyis

With latest equipments and highly skilled team of food inspection and analysis professionals, our laboratories ensure that the honey is completely pure and safe for consumption.

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We then deliver to you the finest and purest of honey sourced from across the world such as the Sidr, Manuka, and Black Seed honey.

Libido Booster Honey

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Our honey is healthy and amazing, and great for your libido or other health concerns. Made with only the purest products. Our honey is healthy and amazing, and great for your libido.

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"Mujezat Al-Shifa"

Gold award winner in London International Honey Awards

Mujezat Al-Shifa Honey Company announced that it had obtained the golden degree in the London International Honey Quality Competition for the year 2021, during its participation in two types of its products: Sidr honey and Manuka honey.

Honey production expert and director of Mujezat Al-Shifa Honey Company, Muhammad Qasim Al-Majdidi, said during a press statement: The London International Honey Quality Competition is the most important globally in testing the quality of honey, as 12 international experts specialized in determining and measuring the quality of honey for all producing companies participate in the jury From participants around the world.

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Why is our honey an investment?

When you buy honey it should be worth it, our honey is a superfood, mainly because they are monofloral honey, which means they are rare and extremely potent in its natural compounds which highly promotes the well-being of your health. That is, our honey are sourced from selected flowers that make a true difference for your health when used over a period of time!

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Best in class Green Propolis from Brazil

Say Goodbye to Seasonal Flu

Propolis is made by bees themselves, it acts as a glue for their hives and a protection layer for themselves from viruses. The main compound found in it is called Polyphenols which acts as an effective natural antibiotic.


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Cold & Flu Protector

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Mountain Sidr Honey

Our Honey is Approved Across the World!