Mountain Sidr Raw Honey - Green Propolis

$ 45 CAD

The Plain Mountain Sidr Honey (Kashmiri) infused with Green Brazilian Propolis is a miracle of nature that protects you, especially during the cold season! 

Pleasantly aromatic and buttery organic honey! 

  • Monofloral pure honey collected from the Sidr flower
  • This Mujeza Sidr honey has a wonderful floral aroma that is unmatched!
  • A bee honey by-product! Completely natural.
  • Sidr honey benefits your general well-being and is useful during Cold & Flu Season
  • Green Propolis is natures strongest antibiotic!
  • This product is a Non-GMO pure honey with no additives

Other Variations:

Try Our Plain Mountain Sidr Honey!

    We guarrantee this quality! Receive $4,000 for any lab tested results that show quality degradation.

    Besides honey and royal jelly, bees also produce a substance called propolis. They generate it from the combination of plant sap, bee saliva, and beeswax and use it to coat their hives for protection. 

    Scientists have identified more than 300 active compounds in propolis.

    Ours is the Green Propolis from Brazil, this is the most potent one of all other types of propolis!

    Propolis has a main compound called polyphenols. This acts as a protector and fighter against foreign infections. 
    2 spoons a day (minimum) when sick can help you fight off your mild cold and flu. 
    Its a tree that grows mostly in Yemen and Pakistan. During the month of October it blossoms with flowers for only 3 weeks. That is when beekeepers rush to harvest the honey which takes up so much effort and high costs. Like Manuka, it is a monofloral honey. This means once the bees feed off this type of flower, they will reject any other type of flower. This makes the honey unique and potent in every way.

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