Overview, Benefits, How to Use, Facts!


Unveiling a truly potent blend - Green Propolis with Kashmiri Sidr Honey. A unique alliance between Brazil's celebrated green propolis and the aromatic monofloral nectar from the Kashmiri jujube flowers, this dynamic duo serves as a powerful kickstart to health and wellbeing.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Experience the beneficial fusion of:

  • immune-boosting properties because of the polyphenols especially terpenes. This is a natural gift from nature.
  • Premium Brazilian green propolis, acclaimed for its superiority over local, brown, and red propolis
  • Touch of aromatic Kashmiri Sidr Honey, pure, raw, and unadulterated, with highly potent benefits

    How to Use for Health

    Unlock the unique health offerings:

    • When feeling under the weather: For optimal benefits, consume several times a day, particularly before retiring at night and upon waking in the morning
    • Enhance your immunity by taking it with a glass of water

    Interesting Facts

    • Green propolis sourced from Brazil, where it's recognized for its superior benefits
    • Subject of continued modern research due to its unique health properties
    • A piece of Brazilian potency that's rarely found in Canada