Overview, Taste, Benefits, Usage


Kashmiri Sidr Honey is a prized, monofloral, golden honey known for its unparalleled tastes and potential therapeutic benefits. This pure, raw, and organic honey, much like Manuka, offers highly potent benefits beyond that of local or Canadian honeys.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Kashmiri Sidr Honey, procured from the nectar of Sidr (jujube) flowers, boasts:

  • Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties
  • Similar potent health benefits to Manuka honey

Taste and Texture

This esteemed honey is sure to charm your senses:

  • An aromatic, floral taste unique to Sidr flowers
  • A rich, thick consistency that lends itself to elegant spreads and drizzles

How to Use in Food

Kashmiri Sidr Honey is renowned for enhancing:

  • Hot or iced beverages with its distinctive sweet essence
  • Culinary creations where a touch of luxurious, floral sweetness is sought

How to Use for Health

  • May offer a natural remedy to manage seasonal allergies by taking a spoonful daily
  • Has potential wound healing properties, similar to Manuka honey

Interesting Facts

  • Originates from the Sidr trees mentioned in the Quran and treasured in the Middle East
  • Subject to modern scientific research to explore its storied health claims
  • Often hailed as one of the finest and most delicious honeys in the world