Overview, Benefits, Usage of the 5+ (MGO 83+)


Plunge into the unique potency of our Manuka Honey 5+. Not all manuka honeys are equal – ours is harvested from the lush landscapes of the Golden Triangle in New Zealand, renowned for producing the finest quality of manuka honey.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Experience the difference with our single-ingredient superfood:

  • Pure Manuka Honey, rated 5+ UMF (equivalent to approximately MGO 83), strikes the perfect harmony between potency and rich flavor
  • Compared to higher grades (10+ UMF equals to approximately MGO 263, 15+ UMF approximates MGO 514), our Manuka Honey 5+ is ideal as a wholesome, everyday supplement to boost general health

How to Use for Health

Unlock the healing power of this remarkable elixir:

  • Daily, spoonfuls in your tea, smoothies, or just by itself, may provide a gentle immune support, and enhance your overall wellbeing
  • Higher grades may be more suitable if targeted, therapeutic properties are required

Interesting Facts

  • Manuka honey originates from the verdant coasts of New Zealand, particularly from the 'Golden Triangle,' a region celebrated for its superior quality honey
  • Manuka honey's unique antibacterial properties have held the fascination of modern researchers

Note: Always consult a healthcare professional prior to using this - or any other higher graded - Manuka honey for health purposes as individual benefits can vary.