Overview, Usage, Benefits of SPOONS


Experience the unique potency of our Manuka Honey 5+ Spoons, conveniently crafted for those on the move. Not all manuka honeys are the same – our collection of carefully sealed spoons are brimming with honey from the abundant Golden Triangle of New Zealand, renowned globally for its superior manuka honey.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Savour the difference with our single-ingredient superb:

  • Pure Manuka Honey, rated 5+ UMF (equivalent to approximately MGO 83), delivers a harmonious blend of moderate potency and sweet nectarous taste
  • In contrast to higher grades (10+ UMF equals to about MGO 263, 15+ UMF approximates MGO 514), our Manuka Honey 5+ Spoons are an ideal carry-along, providing a gentle boost to your daily health regime

How to Use for Health

Unlock the goodness of this portable powerhouse:

  • Whenever you need, a spoonful in your drink or just by itself, can offer a gentle immune support, and enhance overall wellness
  • Higher grades may be considered if stronger, therapeutic properties are required

Interesting Facts

  • Manuka honey traces its origins to the lush wilderness of New Zealand, particularly from the 'Golden Triangle', an area distinguished for its high-quality honey
  • Modern researchers are captivated by manuka honey's unique antibacterial benefits

Note: A healthcare professional should always be consulted prior to using this - or any other higher-graded - Manuka honey for health purposes as individual needs and benefits can vary.