Overview, Benefits and Usage


Elevate your tea ceremony with Mujeza Ginger Infused Green Tea, an enchanting blend where the luxury of full leaf tea meets an invigorating jolt of high-quality spicy ginger. Watch the drama unfold as the leaves and ginger essence collectively infuse warm water, releasing a perfectly balanced brew.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Our Ginger Infused Green Tea carefully selects superior, spicy ginger to blend with our natural, whole green tea leaves handpicked from the verdant Vietnamese landscapes. This fusion not only offers a unique flavor experience but also maintains potent raw wholesomeness.

Health benefits include:

  • Stimulates the senses, promotes relaxation, and aids digestion
  • High antioxidant content that supports heart health
  • Enhances mental clarity and aids in weight management
  • Ginger's remarkable benefits: anti-inflammatory, alleviates nausea, and anti-oxidative

For a pure indulgence of natural goodness, pair Mujeza Ginger Infused Green Tea with our authentic Ginger Honey— a delightful harmony of robust flavors and health benefits.

Note: Mujeza Ginger Infused Green Tea opens doors to a vibrant tea journey. Infused with the finest, spicy ginger, this unique Vietnamese tea stimulates your senses, offers relaxation, and promotes overall wellness, making it an essential add-on to your daily rituals.