Royal Mulook Sidr Honey: Award-Winning Yemeni Nectar with Exceptional Healing Potency


Commended for more than its unforgettable flavor, Royal Mulook Sidr Honey is a rare variant of Sidr honey harvested from Yemen's Do'an Valley. It is celebrated for its enhanced potency, going beyond the ordinary Sidr honey.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Procured from Sidr (jujube) trees, our Yemeni innuendo imbues:

  • A higher density of nutrients, lending more potency than other Sidr honey variations
  • Strong potential in treating MSSA, MRSA skin infections.

Taste and Texture

Experience luxury at its finest:

  • A silky texture, perfect for a smooth spread or elegant drizzle
  • An aromatic flavor profile that captures the essence of its floral origins

How to Use in Food

Royal Mulook Sidr Honey effortlessly enhances culinary creations:

  • As a natural sweetener in gourmet dishes, lending a Middle Eastern flair
  • Infused in teas and baked goods, introducing a layer of aromatic sweetness

How to Use for Health

Beyond its culinary applications, it offers potential health benefits:

  • Incorporated into your diet for digestive support and immune fortification
  • Applied topically, it is believed to aid in skin healing for conditions like MSSA and MRSA
  • Consumed regularly, it may assist in soothing stomach ulcers

Interesting Facts

  • Comes from the renowned Do'an Valley of Yemen
  • Mentioned in the Quran and has a rich history in Islamic tradition
  • Its health benefits are being explored in modern research, similar to Manuka honey
  • It is an acclaimed favorite, garnering honors at the International Honey Competition in London

Note: Please consult a healthcare practitioner prior to using this honey for potential health benefits.