Overview, Benefits, Taste, Usage


The exquisite Umara Sidr Honey is a distinct variant among regional Sidr honeys, sourced from the ancient groves of Hadramout, Yemen. This valuable elixir offers more in taste, potency, and history than your average honey.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Derived from the single-flower nectar of Sidr (jujube) trees, our Hadramout variety:

  • Is rich in nutrients, promising a potency beyond Kashmiri sidr honey
  • Offers a wealth of health benefits, recognized for its superior raw honey quality
  • Treatment for MSSA and MRSA skin disease
  • May help treating stomach ulcers

Taste and Texture

This golden honey promises a delightful experience:

  • Smooth texture for easy spreading and drizzling
  • Authentic aromatic flavor, a tribute to its monofloral origin

How to Use in Food

Transform your culinary creations:

  • As a natural sweetener imparting a Middle Eastern earthiness
  • To infuse delicious aroma into teas and bakery items

How to Use for Health

Potent yet pleasant:

  • Excellent dietary addition for digestive and immune boost
  • Its raw, unpasteurized nature may aid in skin healing and wellness
  • Applied topically, it is believed to aid in skin healing for conditions like MSSA and MRSA
  • Consumed regularly, it may assist in soothing stomach ulcers

Interesting Facts

  • Harvested from the ancient region of Hadramout in Yemen
  • Mentioned in the Quran and has a deep connection with Islam
  • Clinically researched benefits, with potency often compared to treasured Manuka honey
  • Our Umara Sidr Honey has earned multiple awards at the International Honey Competition in London
  • Considered the oldest honey in the world!