Yemeni Royal Sidr Honey (Douan Valley) (250g)

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Douani Molouk Honey, the finest natural honey produced by bees from the nectar of the Sidr tree, in Douan Valley, Yemen, and its benefits are

Health Benefits

• Strengthens the heart and blood, regulates blood pressure, supports the liver and prevents acidity of the stomach
• For the health of teeth, bones and joints
• Treats nervous system problems. Cures urinary incontinence for adults and children
• It treats dry eye problems, antimicrobial and dysentery
• It is given to pregnant women to protect the outdoors during childbirth
• It treats insomnia and lack of sleep and enhances sexual ability
• It is used to treat wounds and burns. stop the bleeding


(Honey of Kings)
Douani Kings Honey, which is the finest natural honey produced by bees from the nectar of the Sidr tree in Do’an Valley. One of the most famous regions in Yemen for the production of Sidr honey is Do’an in the southern part of Yemen in Hadramawt. Where bees feed off the nectar of Sidr trees in remote valleys surrounded by mountains.

Research and Tests

“In the laboratories of Sana’a University, it was found that the proportion of Sidr pollen in the composition of Sidr honey reaches 95%, which is a very large number compared to the percentage required by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, which is 45%, as a condition for naming any type of honey by the name of the tree.

A study was conducted on mice and published in the Journal of the (World Academy of Medical Sciences, Engineering and Technology), and discussed at a conference in Paris and London. The study proved that Sidr honey possesses very strong, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving vital compounds, and these compounds were acquired from phytochemicals found in the nectar of Sidr flowers. So much so that the therapeutic effect of Sidr honey is higher than that of aspirin and indomethacin.

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