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Mujeza Honey

Yemeni Royal Sidr Honey (Douan Valley) (250g)

Yemeni Royal Sidr Honey (Douan Valley) (250g)

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An Award-Winning Yemeni Sidr Honey with Exceptional Healing Potency

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  • Overview

    Commended for more than its unforgettable flavor, Royal Mulook Sidr Honey is a rare variant of Sidr honey harvested from Yemen's Do'an Valley. It is celebrated for its enhanced potency, going beyond the ordinary Sidr honey.

  • Ingredients & Health Benefits

    Procured from Sidr (jujube) trees, our Yemeni innuendo imbues:

    • A higher density of nutrients, lending more potency than other Sidr honey variations
    • May be used to treat stomach ulcers
    • Strong potential in treating MSSA, MRSA skin infections.

    Taste and Texture

    Experience luxury at its finest:

    • A silky texture, perfect for a smooth spread or elegant drizzle
    • An aromatic flavor profile that captures the essence of its floral origins
  • How to use

    Royal Mulook Sidr Honey effortlessly enhances culinary creations:

    • As a natural sweetener in gourmet dishes, lending a Middle Eastern flair

    How to Use for Health

    Beyond its culinary applications, it offers potential health benefits:

    • Incorporated into your diet for digestive support and immune fortification
    • Applied topically, it is believed to aid in skin healing for conditions like MSSA and MRSA
    • Consumed regularly, it may assist in soothing stomach ulcers
  • Additional Notes

    Interesting Facts

    • Comes from the renowned Do'an Valley of Yemen
    • Mentioned in the Quran and has a rich history in Islamic tradition
    • Its health benefits are being explored in modern research, similar to Manuka honey
    • It is an acclaimed favorite, garnering honors at the International Honey Competition in London

    Note: Please consult a healthcare practitioner prior to using this honey for potential health benefits.