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Manuka ACTIVE 10+ (250g) - Newzealand

Manuka ACTIVE 10+ (250g) - Newzealand

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Stronger Immune Support and Therapeutic Properties

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  • Overview

    Explore the exceptional potency of our Manuka Honey 10+. Not all manuka honeys are equal – ours is harvested from the lush landscapes of the Golden Triangle in New Zealand, renowned for producing the finest quality of manuka honey.

  • Ingredients & Health Benefits

    Experience our single-ingredient superfood with enhanced medicinal value. The 283+ is much potent and has these scientific based evidence:

    • Advanced Antibacterial Activity: The MGO rating of 283+ indicates significantly higher antibacterial power than regular honey. This makes it especially beneficial for:
    1. Wound Treatment: Promotes rapid healing, reduces infection risk, and can be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
    2. Severe Sore Throat: Offers powerful soothing and anti-inflammatory action for intense throat discomfort.
    3. Targeted Skin Support: Useful for managing stubborn acne, eczema flares, or other skin infections.
    • Strong Anti-inflammatory Effects: Helps reduce inflammation in wounds, the digestive tract, and potentially throughout the body.
    • Digestive Health: Can promote healthy gut bacteria balance and may offer relief from certain digestive issues.
  • How to use

    Unlock the healing power of this extraordinary elixir:

    • Daily, spoonfuls in your tea, smoothies, or just by itself, may provide stronger immune support, enhance energy, and promote overall wellbeing
    • Lower grades may be more suitable for a gentle, everyday health boost, while higher grades offer more targeted and intensive therapeutic effects
  • Additional Notes

    Interesting Facts

    • Manuka honey is cultivated along the fertile shores of New Zealand, particularly from the 'Golden Triangle,' a region celebrated for its high-quality honey
    • Manuka honey's unique antibacterial properties have been of keen interest to modern researchers

    Note: Always consult a healthcare professional prior to using this - or any other higher-graded - Manuka honey for health purposes as individual benefits can vary.