Yemeni Amir Umara Sidr Honey (International Award Winning) (150g)


Silver Awards at the International Honey Competition!

We guarrantee this quality! Receive $4,000 for any lab tested results that show quality degradation.


Emerging from the revered Hadramout region of Yemen, Amir Al Umara Sidr Honey stands triumphant among other Sidr honeys. Wrapped in a rustic wooden case, its taste and therapeutic potency outshine Kashmiri Sidr, Umara Sidr, and even Royal Sidr honey varietals.

Ingredients and Health Benefits

Our monofloral jujube wonder brings forth:

  • Nutrient density surpassing other Sidr honeys
  • Pure, raw honey, offering the power to counter MSSA and MRSA skin infections and efficiently treat stomach ulcers

Taste and Texture

Our Yemeni jujube nectar promises a singular epicurean journey:

  • Spreadable and drizzle-friendly consistency
  • A golden honey, teeming with aromatic grandeur from its floral heritage

How to Use in Food

Enhance your gastronomic creations:

  • Amplify Middle Eastern piquancy in your tea as an organic honey sweetener

How to Use for Health

Harness superior potency for wellness:

  • Integrate into your diet for immune fortification and to help soothe stomach ulcers
  • Use as a topical application in the supportive care for MSSA and MRSA skin conditions

Interesting Facts

  • Cultivated from historical Yemen's Hadramout region
  • Radiates the spiritual essence of the Quran and Islamic tradition
  • Analogous to the highly potent Manuka, cited in modern research
  • Silver Award Winner at the eminent International Honey Competition in London

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