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Mujeza Honey

Yemeni Umara Sidr Honey (Hadrami) (250g)

Yemeni Umara Sidr Honey (Hadrami) (250g)

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Oldest Honey in the World!

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  • Overview

    The exquisite Umara Sidr Honey is a distinct variant among regional Sidr honeys, sourced from the ancient groves of Hadramout, Yemen. This valuable elixir offers more in taste, potency, and history than your average honey.

  • Ingredients & Health Benefits

    Derived from the single-flower nectar of Sidr (jujube) trees, our Hadramout variety:

    • Is rich in nutrients, promising a potency beyond Kashmiri sidr honey
    • Offers a wealth of health benefits, recognized for its superior raw honey quality
    • Treatment for MSSA and MRSA skin disease
    • May help treating stomach ulcers

    Taste and Texture

    This golden honey promises a delightful experience:

    • Smooth texture for easy spreading and drizzling
    • Authentic aromatic flavor, a tribute to its monofloral origin
  • How to use

    How to Use in Food

    Transform your culinary creations:

    • As a natural sweetener imparting a Middle Eastern earthiness
    • To infuse delicious aroma into teas and bakery items

    How to Use for Health

    Potent yet pleasant:

    • Excellent dietary addition for digestive and immune boost
    • Its raw, unpasteurized nature may aid in skin healing and wellness
    • Applied topically, it is believed to aid in skin healing for conditions like MSSA and MRSA
    • Consumed regularly, it may assist in soothing stomach ulcers
  • Additional Notes

    nteresting Facts

    • Harvested from the ancient region of Hadramout in Yemen
    • Mentioned in the Quran and has a deep connection with Islam
    • Clinically researched benefits, with potency often compared to treasured Manuka honey
    • Our Umara Sidr Honey has earned multiple awards at the International Honey Competition in London
    • Considered the oldest honey in the world!